How do I access my Open-Xchange email via web browser (webmail)?


Using Open-Xchange, you can access your e-mail, contacts and calendar at any time from any location, as long as you have Internet connection and a browser. The OX (Open-Xchange) App Suite webmail interface can be accessed via SiteControl or by going directly to

Note: NetNation customers please use

This article contains the following sections:

I. Access the OX App Suite webmail directly:

1. Hostway Customers: Login with your email address and password at

2. NetNation Customers: Login with your email address and password at



II. Access the OX App Suite webmail via SiteControl:

1. Log in to SiteControl and click the Setup and Manage Email link available on the home page.



Alternatively, you can click on the Email icon under Manage Services, which will open the email section of SiteControl. On the next page, you can select Open-Xchange App Suite.


2. On the Open-Xchange App Suite page, locate the mailbox you wish to access and click on the corresponding Inbox link


Important Note: If you have multiple web hosting plans under your account, make sure to select the correct domain name first, using the Currently Managing drop-down menu at the top.
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