[Resolved] Potential Data Security Incident

We have learned of a serious data security incident that occurred on 8/2/2017 that potentially involved some of your account information. The incident involved a localized and limited set of customer data and may have contained a small portion of your account password. At this time we have no reason to believe that the full account password or any other information is at risk. Investigation of the incident is ongoing, but we have already taken steps to increase our authentication procedures.


We are proactively notifying you so that you may take action in conjunction with our efforts to minimize or eliminate potential damage. Though limited, this is a serious incident and we strongly encourage you to take preventive measures now to help detect and avert any misuse of information by immediately changing your account password. The KB article with instructions can be found at https://support.hostway.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000324330-SiteControl-overview-login-and-password-reset. Below are the procedures to change your account password:


1) Log in to https://enterprise.hostway.com

2) Go to “My Account” tab

3) Click “Edit Password” – in the top right of the current page

4) Enter existing password

5) Enter New password

6) Re-enter New password

7) Click “Update Now” button


Hostway is fully committed to your security and safety and has immediately taken all measures to prevent this incident from re-occurring. We will be providing an update on our security posture in the days to come. Again, as a first preventive step, we recommend you change your Hostway related passwords, closely monitor your account and, if you suspect any unauthorized activity, promptly contact Hostway Support at enterprise-support@hostway.com or 800-308-1522. For more information, please check with Hostway Support or review our status page at Hostway Notification Site.

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