New Hybrid Control Panel

The time is here!  Hostway is stepping up its game with our new hybrid control panel!  We are bringing dedicated servers, public cloud, and private cloud together in one easy to use interface.  Best of all our new billing integration will make invoices clean and clear, showing everything in easy to read breakdowns.

Lets take a look!!


The dedicated server break down now shows you exactly how the server is configured.  We also provide your regular add-on services like shared firewall and DNS in the same section.


AWS and Azure public cloud APIs put all your public cloud information in the same place!  Check alerts, resources, and costs all from one control panel now.


New access controls allow you to create multiple users and set simple roles for people in your company or contractors who may need technical access to resources only.


Invoices and resources are clearly laid out side by side now all in one place.



Invoice details make it clear what invoices are still open and what balance remains.  You may now partially or fully pay any invoice from multiple payment methods.



Lastly our world class support is still available in the control panel.  Start a chat, open an authenticated ticket, even find the 24/7/365 Support number.  We've added the ability to give product feedback right here as well.  Have a feature you would like to see?  Maybe there is something that would make your experience better? Feel free to submit it here, which will go directly to our product management team.

We are excited to make these steps towards a true hybrid ecosystem at Hostway, all in effort to serve you better.