Symantec SSL

Due to the sale of Symantec's SSL certificate business, including Geotrust, to Digicert, Google plans to distrust certificates issued by the Symantec/Geotrust Certificate Authority in it's Chrome browser. If you have purchased a Symantec or Geotrust certificate through Hostway or directly from Symantec or Geotrust prior to December 1st, 2017 you will need to replace the SSL certificate prior to the dates listed below.
If your Symantec or Geotrust certificate was issued before June 1, 2016 you will need to replace the certificate prior to the planned release of Chrome on March 15th, 2018.
If you have any other certificates issued by Symantec or Geotrust prior to December 1, 2017, you will need to replace the certificate by October 23, 2018.
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