Plesk Onyx for Windows: Installation prerequisites

Plesk Onyx for Windows: Installation prerequisites


You can install on physical hardware, inside a virtual machine, or in a container

Plesk Onyx supports only 64-bit CPU architecture

Minimum RAM requirements on windows is 2 GB

Formula for determining

  • RAM = {websites X visitors X RAM required for website applications} / 10

Disk space requires at least 30 GB free

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, OS supported are windows Server 2012 / windows Server 2012 R2/ windows Server 2016

Install to a freshly installed operating system, there is no need to add server roles and features, Plesk Installer will add all dependencies automatically.

You must have access to the internet for additional resources with ports 8447 and 8443 open on the firewall


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