Backup a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

Backup a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure


Step 1:

Login to your Microsoft Azure web portal. Your dashboard might look similar to the image shown below. Click on the ‘Virtual Machines’ blade on the left side.


Step 2:

Select the virtual machine you wish to backup. In this scenario, we’ll be selecting ‘HostwayBackup01.’


Step 3:

Click on the ‘Backup’ option, under the Operations section.


Step 4:

In order to backup your virtual machine, we need to create a recovery services vault. This vault will hold your backup copies and you can also monitor backups. In this example, we’ll create a new vault and backup policy.

First specify a new name for your backup vault and select an existing resource group from the drop down menu. We will also specify a backup policy in this blade - Click on the ‘Backup Policy’ option.


A backup policy specifies a frequency and time at which items will be backed up and how long copies are retained. For our example, we will leave all options as default. You will be able to modify this policy later.

Click ‘OK’ to finalize this policy.


After we’ve reviewed the backup policy, we are ready to enable backup on this virtual machine. Click ‘Enable Backup’ to start the process.


Step 5:

Once the backup vault has been created, you will be able to manage and view your virtual machine backups by selecting the ‘Backup’ option, under the Operations section.


Backup Blade:

You’ll notice the warning message on the backup status, this is because a backup of the virtual machine hasn’t been completed yet. This is expected behavior



Once the scheduled backup job has completed, you will notice a new restore point has been created. You can also review relevant information regarding your backups.


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