Create DNS zone in SiteControl for Dedicated Server


If you wish to use a DNS zone for your domain hosted on your Dedicated Server, you need to first create the zone in SiteControl.

1. Log into SiteControl at

2. Click the Dedicated Servers icon.

3. From the Currently Managing drop-down menu, select the server that you wish to associate the DNS zone with.

4. Then click on DNS Manager.

5. Enter your domain and press the Add Zone button.

NOTE: If you get a “dup_zone” error, you most likely have a manageable DNS zone with us, which is associated with another product, such as a Domain Name Registration or another server, etc (it can be in another account, as well.). If you are unsure, please submit a ticket to Support (for assistance on creating a ticket, please refer to the article “How to create Support ticket”).

6. In order to start using the newly created DNS zone, you will need to point your domain to our name servers, the pair that you will see on screen while adding the DNS zone. You will see a notification “Please note that your DNS zone will be created in the following pair of Name Servers:”.

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