How to add/remove CPU on FlexCloud instance

How to add/remove CPU on FlexCloud instance 


1.Login to FlexCloud Console at or login to your SiteControl account and then click on Cloud Services under Manage Services > FlexCloud Server > click the link next to Management Console Access:

2. Once logged into the Console, ensure you are managing the desired zone (Austin, Tampa or Vancouver currently).




  1. On the Server Instances menu, please select the instance you want to manage and click on it.Then you will be able to see the Overview before manage the resources.




 4.Next, in order to manage your hardware specification, click on Management Task and then Manage Hardware Spec as shown below:



  1. From the drop down menu under Manage Hardware you will be able to increase or decrease your CPU. Then when the wanted Cores are selected please click on Update Hardware to complete the action.

*NOTE: Please note that this action require the instance to be rebooted to complete the task and you will be provided with notification massage as the one shown below:


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