Creating a new domain in Plesk

Creating a new domain in Plesk


How to Create a New Domain in Plesk


- login to your Plesk Control Panel in a web browser at:

- click on Domains in the menu to the left

- click on Add Domain near the top of the page

- You will be promped to fill in several fields for your new domain:


Domain Name:


Assign this domain to a customer checkbox: You can select this check box for a customer of yours who has several domains with you if you like as a means of grouping their domains together for tracking purposes. This is option is entirely preferential.


IP Address: Ensure you select an IP that ends with (shared) unless you want to use one specific IP just for this domain (dedicated). Please note that if you choose a dedicated IP that no other customer will have this IP available for use.


Username: the master login username you will provide to your customer.


Password: the password for the master login username.


- click the OK button near the bottom of the page.


Plesk will take a moment to submit your request and confirm on the next page that your domain has been created.  You can view your new domain name in your full list of domain names by selecting Domains in the menu to the left.

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