How to enable monitoring for FlexCloud


This articles shows how to enable monitoring for FlexCloud and check CPU, Disk and Network metrics.

1. Login to FlexCloud Console at or login to your SiteControl account and then click on Cloud Services under Manage Services > FlexCloud Server > click the link next to Management Console Access:

2. Once logged into the Console, ensure you are managing the desired zone (Austin, Tampa or Vancouver currently).

3. Click on Server Instances, then on the instance which is going to get additional TCAL licenses.



4. Go to the fifth tab Monitoring.


5. FlexCloud instance monitoring is enabled by default. If you use other tools to monitor your FlexCloud instance metrics, you can disable the FlexCloud Console monitoring. It is important to note that it does not consume any of your instance resources, as the metrics data is collected before it reaches your instance (the VM’s resources are not consumed by the FlexCloud monitoring).

The following metrics data is collected for you and can be displayed in the console for a specified period of time (the max period is 2 weeks).

CPU Utilization (The single most important metric, as it indicates the machine overall load and whether the selected CPU cores for the virtual machine are sufficient or not).

Disk Read Bytes (1 byte = 8 bits, it usually displays the data in megabytes)

Disk Write Bytes

Disk Read Count

Disk Write Count

Bandwidth In (network traffic from the Internet to your instance)

Bandwidth Out (network traffic coming out of your instance to the Internet)

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