Managed backups for FlexCloud


1. Login to FlexCloud Console at or login to your SiteControl account and then click on Cloud Services under Manage Services > FlexCloud Server > click the link next to Management Console Access:

2. Once logged into the Console, ensure you are managing the desired zone (Austin, Tampa or Vancouver currently).

3. Click on Server Instances. Then on the instance whose managed backups you are going to check or for which you are going to purchase additional backup storage space.


4. Go to the second tab Management Tasks and click Manage Backups.



You can purchase additional backup storage for the backups of your virtual machines by clicking on Purchase Additional Backup Quota in increments of 10 GB. If you initially create a VM with disk that is more than 40 GB, you need to purchase more backup storage in order for the backups to be successful. The backup software we use is called R1Soft.

If you would like to restore a file or folder as well as a database, you need to submit a ticket via SiteControl for us to do that, as you do not have access yourself to restore data from previous dates.

The default retention period for all managed backups is 14 days.


Restore request template


Hello Support, 

Can you please restore the following files/folders (optional: as well as my database(s)) from the date mentioned below:

--- full path to the files and folders that need to be restored or the website URL

--- please specify if any databases also need to be restored

DATE: (must be within the past 14 days)

PREFERRED TIME: (the backups at taken at predefined times but this preferred time can give us an idea which backup to use for the restore).

TIME ZONE: for the time given above

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