Hyperv VM increasing the RAM

- RDP to your server
- Open Hyper V Manager
- Select your VM, click Shut Down and then Click Settings

- Select Memory on the left
- Adjust Start Up Memory to your new values.  Ensure that before doing this you have enough spare memory on the HyperV host to accommodate any increases in memory being allocated.  You can view your current memory usage of the HyperV host through Task Manager


- If you would like to use Dynamic Memory instead, check the box that says Enable Dynamic Memory
- Select a Minimum and Maximum RAM setting
- Select a Memory buffer below.  The default value is 20%.  Upon reaching the 20% memory remaining the RAM will increase on this Virtual Machine to accommodate its current load.  Using Dynamic Memory setting effectively may take some fine tuning to ensure the most beneficial settings for your environment.
- Click Apply
- Click OK








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