Setting up multi-factor authentication for Plesk control panel login

1. Login to Plesk and go to Extensions.

2.Search for Google Authenticator which is developed by Plesk and requires Plesk version 12.0.12 and up, and download and install the extension.

3. Then, click on the Open button. Select the checkbox ‘Enable Multi-factor Authentication’.



4. When the Plesk extension Google Authenticator is installed, scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator application to retrieve the code algorithm that will be used by the phone app to generate codes that Plesk will use to log you in. It will not be possible to log in to Plesk without the codes on your phone or the phones that have the algorithm.




5. You can check the Pre-select ‘Remember Device’ checkbox and specify the number of days that the Plesk user will not be required to generate Google Authenticator code to log into Plesk.

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