(CPanel) Restoring account website data and configuration from backup






This guide will be used for cases where you have local CPanel backups of your accounts, and there is a requirement to replace all current data (email and website data). (Site has been hacked, missing data, etc.)

1.) Log into your WHM control panel at domainname.com:2087

2.) On the left hand bar, search for “Backup Restoration”

3.) Select the account to restore, the date to restore from, modify any of the options on the right to suit your needs, (we recommend selecting the following options in the event of a total data loss scenario: ‘Restore Subdomains’, ‘Restore Mail Configuration’, ‘Restore MySQL’)



4.) Click ‘Add Account to Queue'

5.) The account should now be listed as ‘Pending’. Add additional accounts, or start the restore by clicking the blue ‘Restore’ button



6.) You will now see the account status update to ‘Restoring Account’


7.) Once this is completed, your site has been restored to the previous version. If this was prompted by unauthorized changes to the site / account, you should now change the password for the affected accounts as well.


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