Configuring OpenLDAP to connect your LDAP server


Configuring  OpenLDAP to connect your LDAP server


1) First you need to make sure that yum install authconfig is installed & also yum install pam_krb5


2) Then you need to configure the server to enable LDAP and download the LDAP certification:

authconfig --enableldap --enableldapauth --ldapserver=ldap:// --ldapbasedn="dc=hostway,dc=com" --enableldaptls --ldaploadcacert= –update


3) Then the next step is to configure autofs on the server:

yum install -y autofs nfs-utils openldap-clients


4) Then create ldap.autofs file in /etc/auto.master.d directory by doing vi /etc/auto.master.d/ ldap.autofs


5) Then create /etc/auto.ldap file and put the below content.

* -rw


6) Then you need to allow LDAP credentials through SSH. You will need to open /etc/pam.d/sshd file and add the two below lines:

Auth sufficient

Auth sufficient


7) Then start and enable autofs to work on reboot:

Systemctl start autofs && systemctl enable autofs

Systemctl restart sshd


 8) You should now be able to access the LDAP server from the RHEL server 

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