WordPress Security Plugins.


WordPress offers numerous security plugins. Choosing one takes a bit of research because some offer a myriad of features while others focus on just one or two features. Below are some aspects to include in researching a plugin.

1.) Downloads -How popular is the plugin?

2.) Updates- Is the plugin updated on a regular basis?  Was the plugin recently updated?

3.) Review – Are users happy with the plugin?  What concerns do unhappy customers express?

4.) Support – What type of support is offered with the plugin?


How to view the current Security plugins available through the WordPress admin panel:

1.) Login as the admin

2.) From the left menu select ‘Plugins’

3.) On the new page next to the word ‘Plugins’ you will see a button called ‘Add New ‘. Select it,

4.) In the keyword search bar to the far right enter in ‘security’ then search


Below are some  examples of available  WordPress Security  Plugins.



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