Enable Google Authenticator Two-Factor Authentication in Joomla

Enable plugin:

  1.  In the Joomla! Administrator area, select Plugins and then Manage and search for two factor authentication.
  2. In the Two Factor Authentication – Google Authenticator line, change the status to enable plugin.

  3. Select the Site Section you want to protect with Two Factor Authentication:

Site (Frontend): Quick edit, comments (depending on your settings) and forum are protected by Two Factor Authentication, your backend is not. I would not recommend this setting, but if you have a good use-case, let me know in the comments.

Administrator (Backend): Quick edit in the Frontend, comments and forum are still available using default login.

            Both: Default setting (recommended)


Setting Up Two Factor Authentication for Users:

  1. Open the Users section.
  2. Select the user for which you would like to enable two-factor authentication.
  3. Switch to the Two Factor Authentication section (top right tab).


Activating Two Factor Authentication:

  1. Open the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone and scan the QR code (Step 2). Alternatively, you can also set up your account manually. To do so, use the account and key displayed for this user in Joomla!.You should now see a new entry for your website in the Google Authenticator app. The security code is updated every 30 seconds.

  2. Enter the security code displayed in the Google Authenticator app under Step 3- Activate Two Factor Authentication.

  3. Click Save & Close.


The two-factor authentication is now set up for this user. From now on, use a new security code each time you log in.

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