How to create an RDS DB Instance on AWS


In order to create an Amazon RDS MySQL DB instance to maintain the data used by a web application, please follow the steps bellow:


  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon RDS console and from the top-right corner of the AWS Management Console, choose the region in which you want to create the DB instance.
  1. Select Instances and choose Launch DB instance


  1. On the Select engine page, choose MySQL, then click Next.
  2. Select the MySQL RDS type on the next screen and again click Next.
  3. Fill up the RDS details on the Specify DB details page – including DB instance class, Multi-AZ deployment, Storage type, Allocated storage, database identifier, username and password.



  1. On the Configure advanced settings page complete the following attributes: DB instance class, Multi-AZ deployment, Storage type, Allocated storage


  1. To start the DB instance click on Launch DB instance and then on the next page click on View DB instances details to view your RDS MySQL DB instance.
  2. Wait for the DB instance status of your new DB instance to show as available and then you can connect.



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