How to install WordPress on AWS EC2 instance

How to install WordPress on AWS EC2 instance

  1. Log into the AWS console
  2. Click on Services
  3. Choose EC2 from the menu
  4. Click on Instances from the left menu
  5. Click on the Launch Instance button
  6. This will open the AMI (Amazon Machine Image) collection. Click on AWS Marketplace and type in ‘Wordpress” in the search field
  7. You will find there are a lot of images from different providers who listed their application in the Marketplace
  8. Choose the image most suitable for your needs (it could be even eligible for Free Tier) and click on Select
  9. This will open up a window showing the prices for hosting it on different EC2 type of instances
  10. You can configure the instance by adding storage or tags or creating security groups if needed
  11. Click on the Review tab and choose Launch to Launch the instance


Note – you will need to choose a key pair in order be able to connect to the virtual machine. If you don’t have one created beforehand, you can create one within the Review tab

This will boot up a virtual machine with pre-installed WordPress where you can start building your online application.

Click on View Instances in order to see your virtual machine.

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