How to Create an Auto Scaling Group on AWS

The Auto Scaling group is a collection of EC2 instances, and the basis of Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling. Creating an Auto Scaling group, you have to include information such as the subnets for the instances and the initial number of instances to start with.

Refer to the following procedure to continue where you left off after creating the launch template. 1

In order to create an Auto Scaling group, please follow the steps:


  1. In the Configure Auto Scaling group details step, do the following:
  2. For Group name, type a name for your Auto Scaling group and then for Launch template version, choose whether the Auto Scaling group uses the default, the latest, or a specific version of the launch template when scaling out.
  3. For Fleet Composition, choose Adhere to the launch template and keep Group size set to the default value of 1 instance for this tutorial.
  4. Leave Network set to the default VPC for the region, or select your own VPC and for Subnet, choose a subnet for the VPC.
  5. Select Next: Configure scaling policies.
  6. At the Configure scaling policies page, select Keep this group at its initial size and choose Review.


On the Review page, choose Create Auto Scaling group and on the Auto Scaling group creation status page, choose Close.

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