How to Verify Your Auto Scaling Group on AWS

In order to verify that your Auto Scaling group has launched an EC2 instance

  1. First at the Auto Scaling Groups page, select the Auto Scaling group that you have created. Then you can see the Details tab that provides information about the Auto Scaling group.
  2. In the Activity History tab, the Status column shows the current status of your instance. While your instance is launching, the status column shows In progress. The status will change to Successful after the instance is launched. You can also use the refresh button to see the current status of your instance.
  3. Then at the Instances tab, the Lifecycle column shows the state of your instance. You can see that your Auto Scaling group has launched your EC2 instance, and that it is in the InService lifecycle state. The Health Status column shows the result of the EC2 instance health check on your instance. If you want, you can try the following experiment to learn more about Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling. The minimum size for your Auto Scaling group is 1 instance. Therefore, if you terminate the running instance, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling must launch a new instance to replace it.


  1. In the Instances tab, select the ID of the instance. This shows you the instance on the Instances Then choose Actions, Instance State, Terminate. When prompted for confirmation, choose Yes, Terminate.

  2. At the navigation pane, choose Auto Scaling Groups. Select your Auto Scaling group and choose the Activity History The default cooldown for the Auto Scaling group is 300 seconds (5 minutes), so it takes about 5 minutes until you see the scaling activity. When the scaling activity starts, you'll see an entry for the termination of the first instance and an entry for the launch of a new instance. The Instances tab shows the new instance only.

In the navigation pane, choose Instances. This page shows both the terminated instance and the running instance.

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