How to Setup a VPC with Public and Private Subnets In AWS

How to Setup a VPC with Public and Private Subnets In AWS



In  AWS, VPC stands for  Virtual Private Cloud which allows for a person to run AWS services within a virtual network you define.

1)Login into the console at

2)Make note of the region /availability zone during the setup because other services will be dependent on it.

3) Select the VPC dashboard then launch  Start VPC Wizard.

4)Select from the side menu the VPC with Public and Private  Subnets.(There are other options available)

5)Create a  /16(i.e. IPv4 CIDR Block for the VPC and then each subnet will work on /24

6)Enter a name for the VPC. i.e Demo 1

7) Enter your CIDR Public subnet address  based on /24 ie

8)Select your Availability Zone

9)Enter a name for the Public Subnet

10) Enter your CIDR Private  subnet address  based on /24 ie

11) Select your Availability Zone

12) Enter a name for the Private subnet

13) Enter your Elastic  IP Allocation ID:( This will be used with your NAT Gateway)

14)Enable  DNS hostnames (yes)

15)There are additional items you can select but the above items should be enough for now.

16)Select Create your VPC Button



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