Azure Storage Services

Azure Storage Services


The services below are available through a Standard Storage account

A) Azure Blob Storage

-This allows   individuals to storage large amount of unstructured data in the Microsoft Cloud platform

-The data can be served to the Internet via HTTP or HTTPS

-All Blobs reside in  a container which can be viewed as folder within a file system.

-There are 3 types of Blob Storage

1)Block blobs- can store text and binary data up to 4.7 TB

2)Append blobs- ideal for append operations like logging data

3)Page Blobs – you can store up to 8TB in size random access files. I.e. VHD files

B) Azure Files

-Fully managed file shares in the cloud and access via SMB (Server Message Block) protocol

-SMB is network file sharing protocol

-In addition, the files can be accessed publicly via a URL


C) Azure Queues:

-Used to store and retrieve messages between Azure applications and Azure Services 

-This service is similar to AWS SQS services

d) Azure Tables:

-stores structured NoSQL data in the cloud

-schema less design

-non-relational, semi-structured data

e)Data Storage typoes

- scalable and secure storage for  virtual machines

-managed and unmanaged disk

- 2 types of general purpose  storage accounts.

1)standard storage

-Generally HDD drives are used and  it supports blobs,tables,queues and files

2) Premium Storage

-used more for mission critical purposes  based  because there 


Premium Storage


When there are performance scenarios are to be addressed and application layer needs a fast performing storage resource, SSD is to go with. Normally for any production server, SSD is recommended. It has been observed that even critical and high computing applications performs smooth because of Premium storage as it provided high speed, data redundancy, and high number IOPS. Throughput and bandwidth of data is also critical. When an application is performing frequent input/output operations with large IO sizes, a high throughput throwing SSD is recommended. A detailed description of Azure Premium Storage is available here at Microsoft Azure official site.

Standard Storage


Azure Standard Storage is more of a cost effective resource, typically used in testing applications or development environment scenarios. Azure Standard Storage quotes for VMs running low latency workloads with reliable and low-cost disk support. The data is stored on hard disk drives (HDDs) and it supports blobs, tables, queues, and files. There are two methods to create and manage a Standard storage, Managed a

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