How to install Let’s Encrypt in Plesk



  1. Log in to Plesk and install the Let’s Encrypt extension via the Extension Catalog:





  1. After the installation, run a shell script. It fetches dependencies (sets up repositories and installs missing packages). Then it create virtual environment and installs the Let’s Encrypt console client with the Plesk plugin inside.
  2. Next, click the installed extension, select a website and install the certificate.





If you have already used the CLI client, you will recognize the interactive mode dialog in this web form. On a “success” message, follow the link to open the website and see the green “https” icon in the address bar.




  1. Check that the certificate renewal task has been added to Tools & Settings > Scheduled tasks:



Issued certificates are valid for 90 days, but according to the recommendation of the Let’s Encrypt developers, they are renewed on a monthly basis.

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