Azure CLI Defaults

Azure CLI Defaults


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Ways you can customize the defaults for the Azure CLI


Microsoft Azure



Configure the Azure CLI to set Defaults and More

#az configure


Your settings can be found at /home/username/.azure/config
Your current configuration is as follows:

name = AzureCloud

first_run = yes
output = table                  <-- We are going to change this.
collect_telemetry = yes

enable_log_file = no

Do you wish to change your settings? (y/N):

If you press Y, then you will get an option to change the default output as shown below:

What default output format would you like?
[1] json - JSON formatted output that most closely matches API responses
[2] jsonc - Colored JSON formatted output that most closely matches API responses
[3] table - Human-readable output format
[4] tsv - Tab and Newline delimited, great for GREP, AWK, etc.

Once you select the default output format, you will be asked about logging.

Would you like to enable logging to file? (Y/n)

After, you will be asked about sending data to Microsoft.

Microsoft would like to collect anonymous Azure CLI usage data to improve our CLI. Participation is voluntary and when you choose to participate, your device automatically sends information to Microsoft about how you use Azure CLI. To update your choice, run "az configure" again.
Select y to enable data collection. (Y/n):

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