[RESOLVED] March 12th, 2019 - Open-Xchange - Degradation of the email functionality


We are currently investigating a service impacting event, affecting the inbound and outbound functionality of our email platform Open-Xchange. We are actively working on a resolution.

There will be no mail data loss and queued mail will be delivered upon issue resolution.

Note: Microsoft Exchange 2016 customers should not be affected. 


11:40 AM CT: Our System Administrators are investigating the root cause of the service impacting event.

12:40 PM CT: The root cause has been identified by our System Administration team and we are working towards a full resolution.

2:05 PM CT: Mail flow has been restored and queued mail is gradually being released. We continue to monitor the platform.

2:55 PM CT: Queued mail has drained and the email platform is functioning normally.