July 2nd, 2019- Network Issue Tampa

At 8:55 there was a networking event. Our Network engineers are currently investigating the issue. More information will be release once we have a update.
At 9:40 we routed all customers around the failed switch and all issues should be resolved. If you are still having problems please reach out to your support team at 888-545-8593.  This is the final update for this incident.
At 11:30 the networking issues started again. Our networking engineers investigated the issue.
As of 11:45 am EDT, all services have been confirmed to be back online. At 10:33 am we replaced the networking device that failed earlier today. We have since removed the replacement device from our network.
All networking traffic continues to be rerouted around this switch. We are going to engage with our vendor to determine why the second switch failed. We will not reintroduce the switch until we hear back from our vendor